Training Style Guide

Regardless of your style of training, you will have the confidence in knowing that everything is designed and led by your trainer. No doing what a friend's friend learned in high school. No instructor with their back to you simply demonstrating the movements. Your Rebel FP trainer will be engaged and making sure that you will be getting the best workout possible in the safest way possible. 

Now lets take a look at what the different advantages are between group class and Private Training to figure out which one is ideal for you. 


Group Class

Average cost $10-20 per class

Group classes at Rebel FP deliver a dynamic, full body class capitalizing on the benefits of metabolic strength training. With a group of typically 8-20 other like minded individuals, you will be led through an organized workout designed to get you sweating, your muscles burning and your heart pumping.

While there is a "strength training" component, you won't be lifting "heavy" weights. While classes aren't all the same, you can expect to use; TRX, Ropes, Sleds, Jam Balls, Body Weight, Bands. Kettlebells and any other innovative tools we discover. If your looking to lift heavy weights, don't worry our Rebel Strong classes are a great option for that once you've mastered the fundamentals. 

These classes are designed to be progress/regressed. That means that even though everyone is doing the same workout, they may not be doing the same things. If your new to this style of training, you may be given the foundational movements to build upon. As you master the foundational movements, progressions will be provided to ratchet up the challenge and intensity of the workout. In short, if your worried that you can't keep up, don't. It's our job to make sure that class is the correct intensity for you both as a new exerciser and as your fitness progresses. 



Private Training

Cost $70 per session

As the name suggest, private training is just that, private but also a whole lot more.

During your orientation your trainer will learn about your goals, any concerns (injuries, past troubles), what motivates you and how to help you be the most successful. 

Based off of this your trainer will develop a customized workout to maximize the time and effort that you're putting into your training. During your session they will be with you managing every part of your workout. From the simple parts like counting reps to the more complex form evaluations and including the corrective exercise to improve found imbalances.

During your sessions, you will also be provided with distraction free time to dig deeper into other components of your fitness like nutrition, mindset and recovery. With your trainer managing all of these components, all you need to do is put in the effort!