We believe that education should be the corner stone of any trainers arsenal. On the surface you will see a fun, motivating and challenging workout. Underneath that is a program built on the latest science and combined with a deep understanding of the way the body moves and functions. All of our trainers have degrees in the field and nationally recognized personal training certifications.

This will give you confidence that there is a reason for what we're asking you to do. No working hard just to work hard. Instead your program will be built to capatialize on ever aspect. 



Aaron Egbert


  • Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology                                 Washington State University
  • Certified Personal Trainer                                                        National Strength and Conditioning Association  

Aaron has had a wealth of experience from working with college and olympic athletes to the design and implementation of fitness programs for Fire and Police Departments. He thrives off of the amount diverse goals and individuals he get's to work with in the gym. Combining the lessons learned from working with high achievers and a decade of experience in the Renton community, he continues to thrive off of helping people reach their goals, big or small.

Becca Greer


  • Associates in Personal Training                                                Highline Community College
  • Certified Personal Trainer                                                          National Strength and Conditioning Association    

The moment that Becca found weight lifting she also found her passion. Learning how much strength she could create in her petite frame made her realize just how capable of change the body is. From that point on she dedicated herself to learning how to help others create the life changing results that she saw. 

chris profile.png

Chris Ransier


  • Bachelor of Science Exercise Science                                     California University of Pennsylvania
  • Certified Personal Trainer                                                        National Academy of Sports Medicine

During his time the Marine Corp Chris quickly realized that a one size fits all approach to fitness leaves a lot of people behind. He began to help those around him who were struggling and quickly found a passion for it. After leaving the Marine Corp he continued to focus on his passion of helping people achieve their fitness goals, armed with his past experience and a insatiable desire to learn. After a decade of helping people in the Renton community Chris has a wall full of success stories and the same desire to help others achieve their fitness goals. 



Accessory Certifications

TRX Certified Trainer - Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist - Optimum Training Performance for Youth - Corrective Exercise Specialist - Performance Training for Prenatal Client - Cardiorespiratry Training for Sports Performance - Functional Movement Systems (FMS)