Clear up front prices.

It's a dirty little secret at most gyms that members pay different rates. If your not good at Haggling your monthly bill can be significantly different than the person next to you.

If they won't give you a clear price upfront, it's because they need to figure out just how much they can get out of you first. We won't try and get you emotionally invested and then hard sell you on working with us. 

Our commitment to you is to be clear and upfront. No games, No over promising and underdelivering. 


No Long Term Contracts. 

You walk in the door, ready to make a change and have no problem signing a 12 month commitment. On the surface that's great, fitness should be a lifelong commitment so why wouldn't you sign up for a year? What happens though, after a few months you become a "regular" and the trainers are spending all their attention on the "new members."

Here it's simple, we want you to want to be here. Whether you've been with us from day 1 or are new to Rebel doesn't matter. You will receive the same attention and expert guidance regardless. If it no longer makes sense for you to train with us, we don't want you to be stuck.

With us, your commitment is month to month or for the package of sessions you purchased, that's it. 




Group Class

New Member Intro:
First Class: Free

2 Week Intro: $20

Membership Options

Drop in: $20

Package of 6 classes: $96 ($16/class)

Monthly class package:
 *2 times per week: $110
 *3 times per week: $160
 *Unlimited: $175
 *Family Unlimited $300 (2 individuals)

*All monthly group class packages are auto debited monthly. Can be cancelled with 15 days notice, no long term commitment.

Personal Training

Program design

Orientation: Free

Individual Private Training Sessions

Packages can be purchased in any increment of 5. There is no extra charge for purchasing smaller packages. If 5 at a time suits you, great! If you prefer 30 at a time that's cool too. Cost per session: $70

Package of 5: $350

Partner Private Training Sessions

All of the benefits of individual training with the added bonus of a partner to train with! Cost per session: $92

Package of 5: $460

Sales tax will be charged on all group and personal training sessions.

Feel free to sign up for any of our group classes of personal training sessions next time you're at the gym. Any of the Rebel FP trainers will be happy to help you out!