For far to long we trained the body in isolation. We trained strength with weight lifting, our metabolic system with cardio and if you're on top of things, some kind of mobility training. However that's not how our body really works. You don't take your kid to the park and chase them around one day but tell them they have to wait for another day to be lifted up to the monkey bars. You don't go on a hike and stop at the fallen log because stepping over it would be a strength movement and the hiking is cardio. You do it all and the purpouse of training is to be able to do it all more effectively. 

Your body is meant to move through full ranges of motion, with strength while your metabolic system provides the energy to sustain it. Our unique metabolic strength training hybrid capitalizes on that simple but powerful idea. 

In one workout you will be improving on all 3 aspects. No more wasting time with isolated workouts. No more saying "I know I should do it but I just don't have the time." You will get it all done in a effective, challenging and fun workout. 


For most of us the how and why of a workout doesn't matter anywhere near as much as what we get from it so lets take a look. 


  • Stronger
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved aerobic capacity
  • Increased confidence with physical task
  • Foundational part of the athletic/toned look


  • More efficient at using energy
  • improved performance
  • improved ability to maintain body weight
  • Stronger heart and lungs


  • Reclaim and protect full range of motion
  • Reduce negative effects of the sitting
  • Reduce negative effects of text neck (it's a real thing)


  • Time efficient
  • Allows all systems to work together effectively
  • Delivers an awesome workout


There it is. Whether coming in for a group class or private training, you will capitalize on the benefits delivered from this unique training style. This is time effective, results delivering, motivating and fun. 


Now give it a try. Words are one thing but that's not enough. This needs to be experienced. Hit the Get Started link below to learn how to take advantage of a free group class or schedule your private training orientation.