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have you told yourself...

 “oh i can get back into shape, no problem” for a couple of years now? Are your clothes just not fitting the way they used to? Is time flying by with the career or family taking up all your time? Do you want to look better for your wife, girlfriend, or just going out? It’s time to take action and make a change!


You know you need to, but where or how to start? Are the big box gyms not cutting it for you?  No workout partner or an inconsistent one? There is so much to consider, don’t let it stop you.  You need someone with the knowledge, experience, and a plan to  push you in the right direction. Our trainers will do just that! When it comes to motivation, we've got you covered there there too.  Our Rebel fitness members are all like minded people have similar goals in mind.  Our trainers passion for fitness and desire to see a healthier community lead us to develop the Rebel Method and our 4 Pillars of Fitness


  • Movement
  • Nutritional
  • Behavioral
  • Mobility

By improving on these 4 pillars of fitness, you will feel better and be more confident in person you see in the mirror.

We have built a community of people with similar goals to you to help you feel more comfortable you’ve made the right decision becoming part of the Rebel FP crew.

Let us help you today jump start your fitness and tailor a program especially for you to get your clothes are fitting better, strength up and simply feeling better about yourself again!

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Then show up to your class! No need to schedule ahead of time. Just make sure you show up roughly 5 minutes early to meet your trainer for the class and get any questions answered!

Need something more personalized? 

Then personal training is For you!

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This time will be used to meet with your trainer to discuss your goals, unique consideration and what your training program will look like. From here your trainer will design your individualized program so that from session number 1 everything you're doing is designed to maximize your results!

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