Rebel FP classes are designed to deliver a balanced workout; combining the best components of strength, functional, metabolic and mobility training.

Our expert instructors deliver guidance and motivation while you share the workout with like-minded individuals. Those who have a consistent schedule, find a community of their peers who help to hold them accountable and celebrate the successes. Those with a changing schedule, find our ever expanding schedule a great, flexible option to get their workouts in. 

Drop in for a complimentary group class and experience what true fitness feels like!




The most common goal we hear is “ I want to be fit!” Who doesn’t, right? Being fit is awesome!

We have found that the best way to pursue being fit is to move your body, pick up weight, change your heart rate and do so while having fun.

Our Rebel Fit classes are what Rebel FP was founded on. We combine traditional, functional and body weight training. We utilize circuit training, tabata intervals, rep based and a myriad of other schemes to keep you moving, improving and enjoying your training. In the end, you will be a sweaty and tired, but you will be further down the road to health, with a community of others with goals like you.



Feeling strong is great. Having confidence because you're strong is even better. Luckily we have developed and honed techniques and tools to get you strong, in an effective and low risk way.

Our Rebel Strong classes will combine these tools and techniques in a challenging, motivating and progressive setting.

Be a part of a community of people who value strength and a healthy life style.



Requirements to take FIt class: None. Simply drop into the class you would like to take.

Fit Schedule

Weekday Morning

6am - Tuesday and Friday

7am - Wednesday

9am - Tuesday and Thursday

Week Day Evenings

6pm - Tuesday and Thursday

7pm - Monday and Wednesday


8am - Saturday

9:15am - Saturday

Requirements to take Strong class: You must have completed at least 10 – Fit group classes.

Strong Schedule

Weekday Evenings

6pm - Monday and Wednesday