Commit 2 Fit

New Years Edition

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Shake off the holidays and make your fitness a priority again with our 6 week Commit 2 Fit program.

What you get.

  • 6 weeks of unlimited Rebel Fit Group Classes. 1/6/19-2/16/19

  • Entry into the Commit 2 Fit Challenge with over $500 in prizes.

  • Kick off meet and greet/mobility class Sunday 1/6/19.

  • Weekly emails with nutritional recommendations that will support your efforts outside of the gym.

  • A private facebook page which allows you to connect with your peers and share this journey. This is the hub for motivation, encouragement and group accountability!

  • Access to the Rebel FP trainers for support and guidance.

    *open to individuals new to Rebel FP Group Classes.

Limited to 15 individuals.


The holidays are here again and with them comes chaos.

Gatherings with food and friends. Celebrating with drinks and deserts. While the Holidays are a special time full of joy and cheer, the hustle and bustle of the season can cause disruption to our usual schedules, causing us to lose focus of our fitness goals.

The good news is… New Years is right around the corner.

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Committing to fitness related resolutions for the New Year may sound a bit cliche. How many times have you made promises to turn over a new leaf on January 1st just to find yourself stuck in the same old rut by the start of February? The truth is, many gym membership sell you an idea of success but not the tools to achieve it. It is not surprising that most people find themselves lost after joining a gym. You enter a giant facility with a heart and mind full of positive intentions, but then find themselves surrounded by strangers and a bunch of machines they have no clue how to use. When you are already worn out from a long day at work, or chasing after your children, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious free time trying to research how to use machines properly. Am I using this right? Is this even a machine that will help me achieve my goals? As if the gym isn’t enough of a hurdle, dieting amplifies the misery. Stop eating all the foods that you enjoy, eat only foods that you despise and spend a few hundred dollars on supplements. Then push through the pain of our creaky joints, wondering if this is a “good” pain or if you are actually injuring ourselves. All the while feeling irritable and hangry! It is no surprise that by February you haven already given up on yourself.

Fortunately for you, we’ve done this… A LOT.

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We know what it looks like to be successful. We know the science, we have the experience, and we are ready to help you make this year different!

Ready for the secret to achieving to your fitness goals? Committing. Wholeheartedly. Your goals must be as important to you on your worst day as it is on your best day. This is undoubtedly a difficult thing to do, which is precisely why we’ve created this program. We want to set you up for success by giving you the knowledge, tools, and support to achieve your goals. When you join Commit 2 Fit, you are joining a community of like minded individuals who are there to give you encouragement and that extra push when you need it. 

Ready to get going? Great! simply tap the button below to sign up for the 6 week Commit 2 Fit - New Years Edition.

Get ready to make this year YOUR year!



Want to know why this program works? Keep on reading!

Almost all attempts at fitness follow the same path: Do a bunch of really hard stuff that feels uncomfortable, while simultaneously maintaining motivation despite a lack of results.

Creating true changes means taking small, meaningful steps towards improvement. Motivation comes from building upon success after success. It is crucial to have a plan in place for when you stumble, because getting of course is inevitable. 

That’s the beauty of Commit 2 Fit. You're  making a 6 week commitment, alongside others who are making the same commitment. This entire environment is built to help you succeed.

Let’s start with the most obvious part of this program.

The workout


Our Rebel Fit classes are built around the principal of metabolic strength training.

What this means is you will be performing movements that not only make you stronger but also allow you to maxamise the fat burn.

From the moment you walk into a workout at Rebel FP, your instructor is there to guide and support you. We will teach you how to perform each movement correctly, we will watch you to make sure that you are using proper form, and we will provide modifications if you have orthopedic issues or physical limitations. We want to ensure that you’re working hard but also having fun doing it!

You will become well acquainted TRX’s, Jamballs, sleds, ropes, echo bikes, kettlebells, superbands, and the best training tool of them all, your own body. While each class is unique, they all are based on the same foundational movements. This allows you to master the basic movements, and measure your own progress, all the while keeping things fresh and interesting. This type of training leads to a fancy little thing called EPOC (excessive post exercise oxygen consumption) which means that your body will continue to burn extra calories for hours after your workout!

As great as the workouts are, they can’t make up for poor nutrition. Which bring us to the next part of this program. 


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Are we going to provide you with a diet to follow?

Absolutely not!

There is no one nutritional strategy that will work for everyone. Nutrition is more complicated that calories in, calories out. Why you eat is just as important as what you eat.

We want to help you develop the best strategy for YOU.

Each week you’ll receive a new nutritional step and tips on how to implement the change. Not only will you be successfully moving towards your fitness goals, but you’ll feel good doing it. 


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You’ve got some sore muscles causing you pain?

What’s the first thing that you should do?



One of the most common things we hear from new members is, “I know I should stretch but I’ve been too lazy.”

Here is the truth: stretching alone takes forever to create change. It is unrealistic to stretch day in and day out, week in and week out, especially without seeing change. Especially when you are in pain NOW!

While your high school PE teacher had the best intentions when instructing you to reach down and touch your toes and count to 15, that approach probably wont fix your current ailments. Stretching has it’s place in a mobility program but it is a very small place, at a very specific time.

We will build your mobility tool box. Starting with Self Myofascial Release aka a self deep tissue massage aka foam rolling. This will get you moving and feeling better, more quickly than you could have ever imagined. The best part is, once you know how to do it, you can do it on your own, anywhere. Including the comforts of your own home, even while you relax and watch TV.

You’ll also learn how to stretch properly. We will work on both static and dynamic stretching and explain when each is appropriate. We will also cover tips and shortcuts to make stretching more effective than ever before.

Committing to workout is hard enough. Forcing yourself to complete a workout while you are in pain downright sucks. Let’s fix is and give you one less reason to throw in the towel.

There it is: work out, eat better, and stretch. Bet you’ve never heard that before!

The Tipping Point

If your only obligation in life was to focus on your fitness, it would still be hard to achieve your goals. When you toss in work, kids, family, deadlines, stress, and emotions into the equation, achieving your goals can certainly feel unrealistic. You are a real person. You will face real obstacles. Maybe your friends inviting you to happy hour at the same time you had planned to workout. Perhaps a celebratory dinner tempts you with a buffet of tasty foods that will inevitably wreak havoc on your body for the next few days. Or how about one of those, "I’m just not feeling it today" kind of days.

You need a plan to get back on track because this is real life. Real life has obstacles.

This is the real tipping point.

Typically at week 3 or 4 that the excitement of starting something new begins to fade and you may seek the comfort of your old familiar ways (and snacks).

There is a simple fix to this… 


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A group of people who believe in you. Who believe in your goals. Who are there to provide that extra nudge when you need it. Working towards your fitness goals can feel isolating. Sometimes those around you don’t share the same drive to improve their health, they may even sabotage your efforts. Having a community where you are surrounded by others who believe in the value of fitness will help you stay focused and consistent.

That’s why the Kick Off Meet and Greet is step one of this program. This is your opportunity to get acquainted with your community as you embark on this journey together.

During the 6 week program, you can connect with your team of fellow members on the private Commit 2 Fit facebook group. This page is not only a place where we will post the weekly challenges, but also a place where you can share recipes, tips and possibly find a running partner!

Now let’s take it up a notch!

Commitment and prizes!

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Commit 2 Fit - Back 2 School Prize Winners!

No more putting of your goals until “tomorrow”. The time is now. We want you to commit to your goals. Commit to yourself. Commit to fit!

Here is how we're going to encourage you to commit. For every class you complete and/or each challenge you complete you will earn a point. For every point over 15 you’ll be entered into a drawing for fitness related prizes. That means 16 points equals 1 entry while 25 points equals 10 entries.

This New Years Edition Commit 2 Fit has over $500 worth of prizes including gift cards to your favorite fitness brands and Rebel FP swag. Just in case changing your life and your health wasn’t enough motivation- this should get you excited!

There it is. Sign up, Commit and finish 2019 strong!


Unsure if this is the program for you. Shoot us a message and we’ll help you figure it out!

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