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Creating lasting fitness through a unique Metabolic Strength Training Hybrid.

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Since 2012 we’ve been quietly refining our unique fitness system while real fitness results to our Renton community. All of our classes are instructor to get you burning fat and building strength in just 50 minutes!


We find ourselves at the end of another year and as it always seems to do, this one went a bit quicker than the last. Like most years too, we look back at those things we had the best intentions of accomplishing but just didn’t quite done.


Since your here, let’s talk about the one where all thinking about. Fitness, Health, Wellbeing. We often use them interchangeably but simply having a body that is capable of doing what you want it to, looks how you want it to look and the confidence that comes with knowing that you’re capable of accomplishing both of those.  Seems simple right?  Yet we’ve been told that the process is going to suck and guess what, you’re kidding yourself if you think you will succeed. You’re older now, you’ve failed before, diets don’t work, blah blah blah. Well here’s the truth of it. It is simple…. If you’ve been set up for success.


The first step towards success is a good workout. Something that gets you sweating, tourches calories while using all of your energy systems, moves through all of the ranges of motion your body should be capable of doing and most importantly leaves you feeling stronger at the end.


Now, the workout is the engine of this whole system. Rebel Fit classes are built around a unique metabolic strength training hybrid. That’s a fancy way of saying that you’ll be moving through all of ranges of motion a healthy adult should have, while sweating, using all of your fuel systems while working on your strength (clean up verbage). Or in even more simple way, you will be using ropes, sleds, TRX’s, strength bands, bars, kettlebells, your own body weight and a host of other fitness tools that will leave you sweaty, winded and most importantly feeling stronger!


If your simply looking for a good workout and don’t care about the why, click the button below to claim your free group class. No need to spend any more time reading when you could be in here sweating!

If you haven’t clicked that button yet, you’re ready to learn why and how we set up our system to help you make reaching your goals, results and fitness simple!

The How:

  • A good workout often enough to create change.

  • A good nutritional program to fuel you and support your change.

  • Appropriate mobility work to keep you feeling good an injury free.

Do those 3 things you will be unstoppable. It’s really that simple. Keep those 3 things a priority and the hardest thing for you will be figuring out new goals to set.

The Why:

What’s a good workout?


It’s a workout that gets you sweating.

If your body isn’t create extra heat, you aren’t burning extra calories and that’s the name of the game here.


It gets you using all 4 of your fuel systems.

Strength training uses 1 or 2.

Running uses 1 or 2.

Most activities we’ve been told to do, use 1 or 2.

We want you using all 4, to get your body to be a master at switching between them and become an efficient calorie burning machine. Hence the Metabolic part of metabolic strength.


It gets you moving with Strength.

Who doesn’t want to be stronger? That’s a great reason to use strength but not the only one. By using strength in your workout, your contracting way more muscle, which means your burning way more calories. Not to mention the few hours of bonus elevated calorie burn while your body is recovering from the workout. That same recovery that leaves you stronger afterwards. 


It get’s you moving in all of the ranges of motion that you should be capable of moving through. It’s no secret that our bodies are put in bad positions consistently through the day. We say it’s bad for us. But what is really bad for us is loosing range of motion and most of us don’t realize that we are missing ranges of motion until an injury occurs or simply say “I’m tight”. By using these ranges of motion with strength, we keep these ranges open instead of them closing down without us realizing. And if any are less than ideal, we quickly discover them and work towards regaing them before they become a much bigger issue.


And now for Nutritional Approach and Mobility.

The Hard to hear truth is there is no one size fits all approach. We’ve all heard the controversy around whether diets work. While there is no one size fits all approach, there are a few best practices for both nutrition and mobility that we have almost everyone quickly on their way to seeing significant, positive change.


So simply do your workouts, eat what makes your body feel and look it’s best and do the things that keep you mobile and you be to your goal in no time. The End!


… Just Kidding.


While it’s true that those things are what get you to your goal. Doing those things at all times, when things are good and life is easy but also when life isn’t so good and things are hard including times when you simply shift your attention to other things is the hard part.

Here is the truth of it. The true beauty of the Rebel Fit Group Class system is to do all of the above while maximizing everything below to keep you consistently seeing results while moving closer and closer to your goal.


·         Purpose

·         Consistency

·         Effort

·         Commitment and Accountability

·         Community

·         Effective and Efficient

We’ve seen it over and over again. We believe that the idea of it is true and I’ve had hundreds of people tell me they believe those things are important to creating lasting results and reaching their goals. However when it’s time to rely on those things, have they been set up to make you successful?


Let’s break them down!


                Why do you want to create a change and what is it? After sitting across hundreds of people and hearing there goals, we’ve heard a lot of half truths. I want to be in shape, I want to be fit, I want to lose weight, I want to gain muscle, I want to run better, jump higher, run longer, lift heavier.

Those are all things worth working towards but they aren’t the full truth. The real goals maybe a little to personal to vocalize or seem silly to say but it’s important that you know them and the purpose behind them. Here are some big ones.

“I want to look better naked!”

After a little blushing and laughs this is one of the biggest ones yet most people feel bad admitting it. It’s conceded, silly to find important or whatever other silly thing we’ve been told. While looking better naked isn’t going to make you a better person, we’ve only been given one body, of course you should have it represent you in whatever way you’re proud of!

“I want to get stronger so I don’t have to ask my creepy neighbor to help me move things anymore”

Though I’ve only heard this reason once, it sure is easier to get yourself to your workout on the day you just don’t quite feel like going when you remember it will keep you from having to invite that creep around!

“I want to be fitter so I can enjoy hiking”

Perfect. A little stronger, better at using your fuel systems and a little bit lighter from less body fat and all of a sudden you’re enjoying the view from the top instead of spending your whole time wondering when it will be over.

“I’m on the road to serious health issues if I don’t lose some weight and get my system functioning better.”

A much more purposeful way of saying to make your doctor happy. But just like those who want to look better naked, you only have one body. Making the decision to have it be one that is capable instead of one that holds you back and knowing that it is in your control is huge.


Regardless of your goal, knowing what it truly is, instead of a vague get healthy or lose weight allows you to see what your purpose is. That purpose is what will help keep you consistent. Your purpouse may simply be that you know life works better when you work but whatever it is, know it and root your goals to it!


Want to know what the key to consistency is? Being consistent. Clever right? But if you start off taking a step today and adding a step each day without stopping, eventually you’ll be doing a half marathon and in double that time, a marathon.

Once there is a plan in place, a road map to your goal, it’s time to consistently work towards it. It means making your workout on the day you feel like sleeping in or going home early. It means skipping that donut that your co-worker brought to work if you committed to not eating donuts, even if it smells delicious. It means believing in your goals and the path to them more than the turbulence of day to day life. Consistency is hard, it can sneakly fall away and there are some components below designed to help keep you consistent. But, It is important to realize that consistency is a must and quickly catch when it’s in jepordy.


I want you to work hard but not too hard. Do you know how many people call the Rebel Fit classes boot camps? Do you know that I cringe every time? I hate the common idea that a trainer is supposed to be getting every last bit of effort out of you, that you should crawl out of the gym. That every part of your body is screaming to stop but I’m there with my whistle screaming at you to keep going. Does that mean I’m not going to ask you to work hard? Nope! To create change you need to ask your body to do something it isn’t able to do yet. You will work hard but appropriate. We have this notion that because you aren’t where you want to be that you’ve got to pay for your sins of the past that got you to this place. Not strong enough, were going to crush you under heavy weights to make you pay for all of those times you didn’t lift heavy weights? Have more body fat than you want, well we will make you work out way past the point of getting better results so that you’ll never possibly thing about gaining weight again.

What I’m asking for is you to the least amount of work to create the most change. Don’t get too excited at the sound of that. You should expect to sweat, get out of breath, have muscles burning, challenge yourself to go a little longer or a little heavier, and likely be a little sore. But no punishment work for slipping up, no doing something hard just because it’s hard and most importantly no (don’t know what to put here)

Commitment and accountability

Let’s face it, Monday morning you is much more excited to tackle your goals than Thursday evening you. It’s much easier to justify that bowl of icecream at the end of a long week than an easy day at the start of the week. Commitment is about letting your rested, happy and thought out self-make the plan while convincing your tired ready for the weekend self to trust in and follow that plan. Again a not so secret secret, It’s really easy to let your Monday morning self-down. When you’re tired and stressed your body starts screaming for quick to use and higher energy food sources. All of a sudden your convinced that you just can’t survive without that bowl of icecream before bed and since you’re the only one you need to be accountable to, Thursday evening you wins. When you set up others to be accountable to, it becomes much harder for Thursday evening you to win out. Of course we’ve got to touch on the workout side to. Here let’s be clear, I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t feel better after a workout. Time and time again the “I’m just not feeling it today” before a workout becomes “I’m glad I worked out, I feel way better than when I walked in here!” Whether you’re a morning or evening person when it comes to work out that same debate with the food happens with the workout. You will feel better after your workout. You know it, I know it. However the I can do it tomorrow instead, maybe I’ll get up early tomorrow or I’ll just sleep in and go in after work  thoughts start coming up. Which, let’s be honest rarely come true and are just a passive way of saying “I’m going to skip my workout but don’t want to feel bad about it.” Once you agree with yourself that it can be done later, rarely do you check in if it was actually done later. But when you have others to be accountable to again, you are much more likely to follow plan made by Monday morning you!


So who are those others you’re supposed to be accountable to? It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are working to support and encourage each other and a person or 2 who are experts in what you’re trying to accomplish and you can trust in. That’s just what the Rebel community is. Miss a few classes and you can guarantee the people you typically see in class will check in and make sure that you’re doing ok. Same goes for the trainers. You have a group of people who want to see you achieve your goals and a ready to give you that extra push when you don’t have it for yourself. You also have people who have been there before and know how to get you to the other side. Your new friend in class who promises you that while you’re definitely going to be sore for you first week or 2, it won’t last forever to your trainer who has the expertise to know if it’s safe to work out when you’re sore or not.  

It’s also no big secret that as a society, being fit is not a priority. When you look around you, it can be easy to believe that it doesn’t really matter since no one else really seems to think it’s important. It must be normal to have donuts for breakfast since everyone in the office does it. Sorrounding yourself with a community of positive people who know just how rewarding having a fit and capable body is, is huge!

As a group we can help you trust the process and stay consistent like you never will be able to on your own!


Effective and Efficient

Now let’s transition from setting yourself up for success to the work its self. What you do needs to be effective. It needs to be capable of creating change that you need and doing so with the least amount of effort. Working out longer and harder doesn’t mean that you will get more and better results. Let me say it again, working out longer and harder doesn’t mean that you will get more and better results. What it does mean is that you will be less likely to have the time for it and desire to do it. You need to be doing what gets you the most results with the least amount of time and effort. That why we built Rebel Fit, out metabolic strength training classes. Get after it for 50 minutes with a workout that designed and ran by our expert instructors 2-4 days per week. No splitting up weights and cardio. No long boring workouts. No spending time trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing and if the exercise your high school P.E. teacher taught you is doing any good. Show up, join in with others just like you while your instructor teaches you how and what you’ll be doing, put in some effort, sweat, have fun and then get back to your life.

There you have it!

It’s a lot right? Sure is and that’s why it’s so hard for so many people to be successful at seeing results and reaching their goals. It’s the exact same the Rebel Fit Group Classes exist. Most of that stuff is being done in the background for you without you having to think about it.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Show up for a free Rebel Fit group class

  • Ask your trainer to help you discover the first few simple nutritional tweaks that will jump start your results

  • Discover, in class, and learn if you have any mobility concerns to get help with correcting.

Now, click the button below to sign up for your free Rebel Fit Group Class and get started!

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